Searching For A Home Based Business Opportunities Magazine – A Review

I work from home. I don’t know if you work from home, but maybe, let’s just say, you want to own a profitable home based business. How do you know which opportunity you should choose? There are many to pick from, and a “home based business opportunities” magazine is helpful when you are looking to compare your options. We’ll talk about the online version of three different magazines today. Of course, you can go to your local book store and see these business magazines in print, but I believe in efficiency, and going paperless as much as possible.Home Business Magazine- First off, they begin their “Start a Business” page with this favorite saying, and that’s just a good sign to me:”Don’t Even Think about Starting a Business Until You Have a Business Plan” (Let me add, this theme is prominent with all three sites when it comes to starting a business.)This site offers great real life reasons to use a plan (for you folks that know everything, and think a plan is a waste of time), along with very precise information to help you effectively create a plan for presentation to lenders, licensers, etc. The rest of the site is chock full of tips, tricks, and requirements relevant to all business owners, all the way down to sound time management advice. Product and software reviews are good quality. While links are provided to additional resources, the ‘guidance’ to help you find or compare a business was slightly confusing.Small Business Opportunities- Don’t let the look fool you, the advice offered and questions asked on this site will, in my opinion, guide you toward the right type of business for your individual personality, but not a specific business opportunity. These topics are things easily forgotten in the excitement of possibilities and should definitely be reviewed. Suggestions on how to perform your own research are also provided.Leaders are readers, as the saying goes, and while I recommend business owners read every book they can get their hands on, sometimes there is a specific topic that needs focus, so it’s helpful to know what angle the book takes before you buy it. Luckily there is a book review section linked to this site also. It’s a fairly extensive list, but the page is a little difficult to find. Links are provided for additional resources, and there was not much in the way of business comparison, though the business directory was recently updated as of this writing.Entrepreneur- With all the resources you might possibly need as a new business owner, the site may be a little overwhelming at first, but this site is a one stop shop that you will return to again and again throughout the course of your adventure as an entrepreneur. Clearly the most well maintained of the three, I believe the information it contains will be current and useful. This site also provides a comprehensive comparison of many different legitimate home based business opportunities, and several tools and services provided to all visitors.Conclusion:Know what you want, and get what you can from all three, but the comparisons and continuing education most helpful to owning a profitable home based business will be found with the Entrepreneur website (and/or magazine if you prefer floppy.)For a broad overview of what to consider when starting a home based business opportunity, look to Small Business Opportunities.If you are having trouble finding a starting point after choosing a legitimate home based business opportunity, check out Home Business Magazine.I hope this “home based business opportunities” magazine review has been helpful and make it a great day.

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